This Regulation sets out the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the parties and conditions of booking and rental accommodation listed on the website and We will be very grateful for your cooperation in complying with these regulations, which is intended to ensure peace and safety of all our guests.


1. Livingart77 offers rental accommodations called for the further regulations "Apartment". The minimum rental period is one day.
2. Apartment rental includes only rental facility. Travel costs, any charges for parking and catering are at the customer`s expense
3. The person making the reservation is referred to as a customer
4. Livingart77 provides accommodation according to its category and standard. Bearing in mind that Livingart77 is not opened 24 hours, in case of any comments, objections or complaints about the quality of services and not requiring urgent intervention, Livingart77 asks for their reporting from 8:00 - 20:00 on weekdays, phone number Cracow - +48 530 434 587, Warsaw – +48516 134 008 or e-mail: In an emergency and urgent cases, you should contact by telephone the number : Cracow - +48 509 605 766,  Warsaw – +48530 434 920
5. Livingart77 ask for information if any confusion occurs or customer is not satisfied with the services provided. Livingart77 will make every effort to resolve the problem.
6. Customer arriving at apartments in Livingart77 is required to check-in in accordance with the provisions of the ” Act from 10 of April 1974" on the census and identity cards, as amended. To do this, you must provide proof of identity (identity card, passport).
7. Filling the registration card is equivalent to reading and acceptance of Regulations in force at the Livingart77.
8. In case of issues not covered by the Regulations provisions of the Civil Code apply. The law applicable to disputes between the owner and the client is the Polish Law. Disputes shall be settled by the court competent for the Owner.


1. In order to maintain maximum safety and optimize the entire process reservations Livingart77 are carried out by an international website In order to make a booking, please select the apartment / room and then check its availability. You will be automatically redirected to the profile of the apartment at where the process of booking can be completed. Detailed regulation of the portal can be found here.
2. In special cases Livingart77 reserves the right to change the apartment booked by you to the apartment of a similar standard in a similar location, and the same price.
3. special cases Livingart77 reserves the right to cancel the reservation made by the customer. For reservations confirmed down payment, deposit will be refunded to the Customer.


The cancellation of reservation and reduction of period of stay can be different in different apartments. Please, check the condition on a profile of your apartment on the website


1. Check-in begins at 14:00 and ends at. 12.00 On completion of booking. You can individually determine the start time and end of day the hotel whenever possible, adapting the same to suggestions and needs.
2. Day before the reservation, the customer is required to confirm the time of arrival. It can be done by phone: Cracow - +48 530 434 587, Warsaw – +48 516 134 008 or e-mail to: This information will help delivering the keys to your apartment on time. In special cases, without prior confirmation by the customer arrival time, the transfer or keys may need two hours to be delivered to the client. If you fail to arrive at a specified time, Customer shall immediately telephone notification of the change time of arrival to the apartment at the phone number. Cracow - +48 530 434 587, Warsaw –  +48 516 134 008
3. Wish to extend your stay and the hotel day customer should report by 18:00 the day before the end of the reservation. Livingart77 take into account the wish to extend your stay and the hotel day. In case of not having available apartments assistance in finding alternative accommodation can be provided.


1. Handing over the keys takes place on the first day of the reservation. The time has to be confirmed by the Customer (at least two hours ahead ), directly at the apartment in the presence of our representative by:
• Completion of registration card by the customer
• Provide the customer with a set of keys to the apartment
• regulation by the Customer remaining payments due for the reservation
2. Failure to submit payment for the stay may be grounds for denial of a key
3. Livingart77 reserves the right to refuse the Customer if:
• the client does not have a valid identity card or do not want to show the document
• Customer is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs
• there is a reasonable suspicion that the apartments will be occupied by more people than indicated when booking
• During the previous visit customer grossly violated the Terms and Conditions
4. Handing over the keys after 20:00 is possible only by prior arrangement with Livingart77
5. Key Return occurs in the Apartment at the end of the reservation, in the presence of our representative, after prior (at least 1 hour in advance) agreement with Livingart77


1. Livingart77 is required to provide to the Customer
• conditions of unrestricted stay in the Suite.
• Safety of the stay, including the confidentiality of customer information
• undertake the necessary repair faults occurring in the Apartment, not resulting from improper use of the apartment by the Client
• Fault repair turnaround time is dependent on the time limit for technical services, by whom the fault will be repaired
• bed linen, towels, diapers, made ​​a one-off, the date of booking.
• final cleaning of the apartment. On request, there is a possibility of additional cleaning Suite during the booking at the wish of the client
2. Livingart77 makes every effort to monitor the condition and equipment of the apartments. Livingart77 is not responsible for failures, defects that have no direct influence and control capabilities while the Client stay (installation of hydraulic, electric, gas, etc.). Livingart77 not be liable for injury, loss, illness, the additional costs incurred by you in connection with the events related to the above by the situation.
3. Livingart77 does not have the control over the inconvenience caused by periodic restriction of use of hot and cold water, heating, lack of electricity supply. That includes situations for which Livingart77 is not liable.
4. Livingart77 does not take into account complaints reported after booking, nor provide financial compensation, any dispute in this matter shall be settled by the competent court.
5. Any comments regarding your stay in the apartment is your responsibility to report during the booking
6. The apartment is a separate housing unit used by the Customer under the lease. Therefore Livingart77 not responsible for any damage, loss of property brought by the client into the Apartment and especially money, securities, electronic equipment, valuables or objects having scientific or artistic value.
7. In the event during the booking circumstances of force majeure Livingart77 may withdraw from the lease. That includes situations for which Livingart77 not responsible and will not be able to provide security to the Customer or its assets benefited.


1. The client is financially responsible for any damage, destruction of the Apartment, in particular items of equipment and technical equipment arising from his fault or the fault of his visitors.
2. The customer must notify Livingart77 about the damage immediately after its
discovery by telephone at the telephone number Cracow - +48 530 434 587, Warsaw – +48 516 134 008 or e-mail to
3. Before going to sleep or leaving the apartment the customer should check the plumbing faucets, close the windows or immobilize them to prevent damage in case of storms, wind and other atmospheric phenomena, turn off the power consumer devices
4. Before each departure the customer should check closure of the front door, and keep the reservation key in a safe place at all times
5. The apartment is NON SMOKING. This can be done on the balcony (only in apartments with balcony), where you will find prepared for this purpose ashtray. It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts from the balcony of Apartment!.
6. Due to fire safety the usage of heaters, irons and similar electrical appliances, not representing the equipment of the Apartment is prohibited.
7. The customer cannot make available the apartment during the booking to third parties.
8. People who are not covered by the reservation are allowed in the Suite from 06:00 - 22:00.
9. The suite can accommodate only as many of what was reported during booking or prior to arrival.
10. Loss of obtained set of key the customer bears the cost of 300 zł.
11. If, in during the booking occurs lost keys by the Client, Livingart77 will issue the second set of keys only after payment for the lost set is fully paid.
12. Customer agrees to use the Apartment as intended and in a way that does not infringe the rights of other tenants of privacy and tranquility.
13. The customer is obliged to take care of and protect against damage or devastation of the building for shared use, such as stairwells, elevators, hallways, and the surroundings of the building.
14. Customer agrees to use the infrastructure of housing estate for its intended purpose, particularly not polluting sidewalks, streets, lawns.
15. The stairs in the building are non-smoking.
16. It is forbidden to keep the animals inside the apartment.
17. The suite in the building and an absolute behavior applies curfew from 22:00 to 6:00. The curfew hours Customer is obliged to behave so as not to disturb other residents. Livingart77 may refuse to provide services to a person who violates this principle and demand to leave the suite and ordered him, in this case a penalty in the amount of 500 zł.
18. It is forbidden to arrange parties, listening to loud music, disturb the other residents
19. In the case of police intervention or municipal police Livingart77 will issue the Customer a penalty of 500 zł.
20. Apartment may not be sublet by you or any third party in any form.
21. st This provision is not violated if the customer rented apartment ( continuously or periodically) to their employees, associates or partners, which should be notified in advance.
22. This provision is not violated in the case of organizing in the suite discrete business meetings, unless there are signs of the activities related to the admission of clients.


1. The customer choosing to stay in Livingart77 agrees to put his personal data in a database belonging to Livingart77. Personal data shall be processed by Livingart77 only for booking purposes, to facilitate further booking and marketing purposes, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of. 29.08.1997. the protection of personal data. The Client has the right to inspect their personal data and their updates.